Folks times have changed since we began working with diesels many years ago.  Smoke is no longer a sign of power and performance.  Smoke is a sign of unburnt fuel and particulate pollution.  Also what we cannot see, NOx emissions, are a by-product of diesel combustion and a detriment to human health.

Double R Diesel takes what is set forth by the EPA in the Clean Air Act seriously!  We must be good stewards of our environment and each other!  

Double R Diesel cannot and will not provide tuning, parts, or services that renders inoperative any emissions control systems on the vehicles we tune for public road operations.  In other words, we do not, cannot, and will not provide tuning, parts or services that will allow you to "Delete" your truck.  

We do understand there are true competition vehicles out there and can tune those for competition use without any emissions devices present on the vehicle.  However the owners of these competition vehicles will have to submit to us a signed waiver, photos(roll cage, racing tires, etc), and other documentation (subject to EPA inspection) that prove said vehicle is a true competition vehicle never to be used on a public highway.

DRD is your CLEAN DIESEL PERFORMANCE performance shop and we look forward to helping you!