There will NO refunds given except in the case of manufacturer defects.  Once your order ships or services rendered, the sale is considered final and non-refundable excluding manufacturer defects of tangible products. Labor and shipping cost are never refundable.
In the case of manufacturer defects, Double R Diesel will consult with manufacturer or distributor to correct the defect prior to any refund given. The process may require parts exchange/repair rather than complete new product sent. In any event, refund for defective product will be the last resort and will require all parts returned.  
Any returned product will require prior authorization from Double R Diesel before the return will be accepted.
In the event that the wrong product was sent because of a mistake on our end or the distributor end, will work with you to get you the correct item sent asap.  This process will require us to coordinate between you, ourselves, and our distributors. You will need to contact Double R Diesel immediately for an exchange for correct product upon receipt of an incorrect item to get authorization for any exchange.
All warranties are solely those expressed and supplied by product manufacturers. Double R Diesel does not personally warranty product we sell. Any warranty claim must be taken up by the customer directly with the manufacturer.  Double R Diesel can and will provide needed contact information for any manufacturer of products we sell.
Lost or damage items by shippers
In the event the shipper looses a customer's order in the shipping process, the claim must be taken up with the shipper by the customer.  Double R Diesel will provide the customer with the needed information to make the claim with the shipper.
In the event product is damage during shipment, the customer will need to make a claim with the shipper as well.  Double R Diesel will provide needed information for damage claims with the shipper in such events. 
Double R Diesel ask the customer to please check all items asap upon receipt for any shipping damage or lost items.  Take pictures whenever possible that may substantiate any lost item or damage claim.
Double R Diesel will not exchange, allow for return, or refund for any product we sell simply because the customer decides they do not want the product any longer. There are no trial periods.  Once the product is taken from Double R Diesel possession, the product belongs to the customer, except cases where the shipper may have temporary possession of the product.